It’s been a couple months now
Since you left me lying on the ground
Now you’re saying you wont give up
Until you’ve regained my love
My love
Well I’m sorry to say: that won’t be happening soon
Sorry to say: my heart stopped beating for you
When will you see
That you no longer mean anything to me?

You’ve gotta stop calling me
Why can’t you let me be?
Stop blowing up my phone oh
Cuz what we had wasn’t love
No it was barely enough
And it’s time for you to let me
Go, go, just go, go , go
Go, go, just go, go , go

I heard you’ve been asking around
If I was anywhere to be found
Now you’re here in front of me
You say without me you can’t breathe well
I’m sorry to say I’m finally over you
Sorry to say I’ve come to know what is true
It’s time you see that you no longer mean anything to me


I’m on my knees and I’m begging please
Just go away cause I don’t need you to stay anymore
You’re free now
Go ‘head and take a bow
For the lies you told and the things you stole from me
You had my heart now I’m taking back the key

Chorus x2

Produced and Mixed by Thom Daugherty
Mastered by Dan Shike at Tone and Volume Mastering